Summer 2021
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Dear Friends,

I cannot believe it has been a year since we've sent out a newsletter! And what a strange year it has been. I hope you've come out of this pandemic with your health and happiness in tact.

I have never been busier in the shop, but Laura and I have been using our quiet time to kayak and bird watch as much as possible. That pesky Bittern continues to elude us, but we are on its tail and determined to see one by the end of this Summer or Fall. Any advice from other birders greatly appreciated!

I have been designing and crafting so many pieces that we would love to showcase with gorgeous photos, but my beloved photographer has been stuck in Canada during the pandemic. I am praying for his return stateside next month, so apologies for the quality of my phone photos - things will improve on that front next time!

Here's to a summer full of freedom spent in the company of loved ones!

With best wishes,


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