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May 19, 2016

Of the locally available temperate hardwoods I most commonly use to craft custom furniture, Cherry and Walnut tend to be the most popular. The reasons for this are availability, grain, color and durability. I would say they are the two woods I use 75% of the time. However, as an Englishman who learned his craft in the beautiful countryside of The Cotswolds, Quartered White Oak used to be the wood of choice. I love it - the grain is gorgeous, it's extremely dense and the connection to furniture history has always appealed to me.

So I was thrilled to recently receive an order for a dining table, chairs and sideboard in Quartered White Oak - natural and unstained! I had to search far and wide to find a source for this wood that was, both beautiful, and available in various thicknesses. After many local calls to lumberyards and wood suppliers, I had to stretch beyond my usual sources. Finally, outside Saranac Lake, NY, I found a lumberyard with just the right boards.

Taking the ferry across Lake Champlain, I was able to enjoy the ride, basking in the spring sunshine and the beauty around me, feeling very thankful for choosing a career that allows me to be creative, work with amazing people, craft something that will last for generations and get to be out and about in interesting places.

I'll post pictures of the finished pieces in a future blog.

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