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April 10, 2020

This was a first! I was contacted by a client asking me to make him a pair of cabinets with 12 flat file drawers in each. They were designed to hold and display his collection of political campaign buttons and political ephemera. This is an impressive collection with buttons for every president dating all the way back to George Washington!

Here is what my client has to say:

"Absolutely love the cabinets, not only are they absolutely gorgeous; they provide an organized home for my collection. The drawer system allows me to display my coveted collection and makes viewing and access simple. The felt drawer liners keep items in place and prevent sliding and scratching. The volume of space available within each cabinet, through the twelve independent drawers, offers a ton of space, which is more than adequate for a large, diverse collection. These unique pieces, brought to life by John Lomas, will be a cherished foundation of my collection for generations. If you collect small items like watches, coins, buttons, etc. you will love these cabinets."

I love designing unique pieces that are not only a beautiful addition to the household or office, but also have very specific and unique purposes. Now that we are all holed up inside, perhaps you are seeing a need that I can help you fulfill!

Be well. Stay safe. Stay in touch.


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