OOPS! - My Mistake is Your Gain - 6 Fountain Brook Chairs On Sale
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March 6, 2023

Well, it finally happened - I really screwed up! I cut out all the component pieces for 6 Fountain Brook dining chairs, only to realize in one of those "oh nooooo" slow motion hazes, that my client ordered 6 Pickwell side chairs! So I am now ready to assemble and finish 6 Maple with Curly Cherry Fountain Brook side chairs. They need a good home. My mistake is your gain, because I am pricing them at 20% off, taking the cost from $1200/chair to $960/chair. Upholstery cost is included in that price, but not the cost of your choice of leather or fabric. I can provide leather samples to choose from or you can send me your choice of fabric. These gorgeous Fountain Brook chairs can be happily residing in your home approximately 4 weeks from the date they are ordered.

The first photo shows the style for sale and the second photo shows the available wood combination.

Give me a call or send an email to start the ball rolling.

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