Oak Pedestal Table
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May 10, 2017

I like this table, particularly when it's made of White Oak, specifically, Quartered White Oak, which shows such extraordinary figure in the grain. The coarse grain of Oak very much suits the weight of this Stickley inspired design.

Here are some photos to illustrate a part of the construction process:

The first step in every project is to rough dimension all the parts, put them "in stick", then let them rest for a period of time before bringing them to final dimension. This allows the wood to release tension and "relax" prior to construction. This odd looking pile of wood is in fact the whole table.

The feet use a cross-halving joint and have to be dead flat to receive the curved wings, which, in turn, have to be perfectly true and square for everything to fit correctly. A base like this requires a surprising level of care in construction.

The upper photo shows the completed table stained and finished.

Give me a call and lets talk about how this Vermont furniture maker could add a gorgeous handmade dining table to your home!

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