Letting The Wood Move You
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January 30, 2013

All furniture makers are born with a vein of creativity which underpins the foundation of their design work. We apply our own carefully considered artistic visions to paper before creating a piece of custom made furniture. When I develop my furniture collections, I begin with a conceptual drawing of the finished product and then find just the right piece of wood to compliment the design before I begin the construction.

Finding quality materials is crucial — not only must the wood speak to my design, but it must meet exceptionally high standards to ensure it is worthy of my clients.

For a recent commission, I had the pleasure of turning my usual process upside down - I started my product design, not with a creative idea and a drawing, but with a beautiful and unique piece of live edge birch. This required my clients to be comfortable with waiting to see the final result once the table was complete. They own many of my pieces already so were very comfortable with the notion of allowing this free-form process to unfold. When I began preparing the wood, I knew I was creating a small free-form side table designed to sit in a wedge shaped space between a reclining chair and a window, but that was all. Ultimately, the wood spoke to me and I listened.

The process can be seen in a series of pictures. Click here to visit our gallery and see the final results. I hope you enjoy, I did!

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