Hunting Season in VT - Where is Everyone?
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November 22, 2013

You would think that after living in Vermont for over 21 years, I would remember that hunting season is a very big deal to a lot of people in this state. Yet, every year, I somehow manage to forget this fact until it has a direct impact on me. When we were living in Starksboro, it became very clear, very quickly, what time of year it was because our little dead end road out in the middle of nowhere became a major thoroughfare overnight. The deep growling sound and the exhaust from the big 4x4's passing our house at 4am was all we needed to remind us to walk in the woods covered in head to toe orange and to make sure our dogs were brightly colored and never out of our sight for the next few weeks. Now that we live in Hinesburg, however, hunting season doesn't appear in the dead of night, causing us to head for the basket containing the orange bandanas and vests.

So it took a drive in to Bristol to remind me what time of year it is. There are 2 excellent local wood suppliers in Bristol, and I like to share the love by purchasing my wood from both lumberyards. A Johnson Company has a wonderful supply of local domestic hardwoods, such as cherry, oak, walnut and ash. Lathrop's Maple Supply also has an excellent supply of domestic hardwoods and I tend to buy my maple from them as well.

On Monday, I arrived at Lathrop's with the intention of buying some soft maple for drawer components, and the place was locked up as tight as a drum. It was mid morning on a sunny November Monday, and there was no one in sight. I left and headed over to Johnson's for some cherry of various thicknesses, which I need for a few pieces I am about to start. Johnson's was open - the door wasn't locked and the barn door was wide open, but I didn't see Jody or any of the boys who are usually there to help. I started poking around in the cherry piles and eventually a stranger appeared to help me. When I asked what happened over at Lathrop's, with a belicose bark, he said, "Huntin' season! Hardly anyone here either!" Of course.

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