Farmhouse Coffee Table For Chris Kimble of Milkstreet Radio
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November 30, 2020

My wife was THRILLED when I told her Chris Kimble, of Milkstreet radio, had contacted me to make a coffee table for his southern Vermont home. Laura listens to him religiously on VPR and follows her Milkstreet Cookbook as though it's scripture - so it was extra important to please this client AND my wife!

The farmhouse table is a handsome classic with clean lines and a confident sturdiness. The dark Wenge tenon pegs on the top of each leg add a nice decorative touch without being overly ornamental. It's a timeless piece, which could have been sitting as comfortably in a 1700's English pub as a Vermont farmhouse today. Ordering this coffee table in a different wood gives it a completely different vibe - a Cherry version would fit effortlessly in a NYC loft apartment or a veranda in the Florida Keys.

Chris was very happy with his purchase! He said: "the coffee table is in the library and looks terrific! Already filled and stacked with books and games. Thanks for a great job."

Looks like Laura might be making me a delicious dinner from her favorite cookbook tonight! Yum!

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