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September 21, 2017

I have just completed a bedroom set for my clients in Massachusetts. They loved the Pinnacle and Gatsby lines, but desired some custom furniture a touch more exotic than Cherry or Walnut. They wanted these pieces to truly stand out among the rest of their bedroom furniture. So I introduced them to Sapele, which is an African member of the Mahogany family that shows many grain variations. We chose the quarter sawn Ribbon cut, with its beautiful striations and waves as the primary wood, and Quilted, with its show stopping "bubbly" effect for panels and drawer fronts. The case pieces are finished off with dark Wenge accents above the mouldings, for the pulls and lower curves.

The Gatsby is a handmade bed with running matched Quilted Sapele head and foot boards and is made for a king sized box-spring and mattress. Although it is difficult to see in this photo, the foot and head boards have a gentle curve to them, reflecting the curve in the posts, (and adding greatly to the complexity of construction!).

These pieces will be posted to my website soon. In the meantime, here are links to other pieces of handmade furniture in the Pinnacle and Gatsby collections.

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