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February 14, 2021

Twenty-two years ago, Laura gave birth to our dear son, George. We were able to have him safely at home with the help of a midwife - although she barely arrived in time and I was actually the one who delivered him! (With a little help from Laura, of course!) Having found out I was a furniture maker, the midwife asked me to make her a custom dining table as payment. I designed this hayrake table in quartered White Oak with a lymed fnish, chamfers, and chip carving, in the manner of the Cotswold craftsmen of the English Arts and Crafts movement.

Both George and the table are now 22 years old. He is a senior at Ithaca College studying cinematography, photography and sociology. He is also captain of the Ithaca Bombers tennis team. We could not be more proud of him, as I'm sure so many of you feel about your own children.

Our midwife stopped by the workshop recently and asked if I could refinish her dining table. She asked exactly when it was made, which turned out to be an easy one to answer.

We surround ourselves with things that contain meaning and beauty. It would be an honor to build something for you and your family that will be cherished for life.

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