Adaptable Custom Furniture Design - From Dining Table to Server to Coffee Table
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November 13, 2015

This coffee table is my latest addition to the Fountain Brook Collection. Shown here, 60" long x 30" wide, with a drawer that is designed to preserve the clean lines by using the entire apron for the drawer front.

I applied a mid-stain to the Walnut to offset the rich tones of the Curly Cherry. The design can be adapted to any size to fit your personal living space, and the drawer is an optional feature. Let's talk about which woods you like and how I can help you adapt the design to work in your home.

The Fountain Brook dining table was the first piece in the collection and, with its curved end slats and upward sweeping stretchers, it is certainly the most complex. The server came next and, because it usually stands against a wall, I thought it a good idea to remove the end slats, keeping the focus on the front view and the upward curve of the stretchers. The coffee table, being so close to the ground, concentrates on the beautiful grain of the wood and the curve of the legs. These adaptations of the design help keep these pieces dramatic but affordable.

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