John Lomas Custom Furniture

Custom design vermont handmade furniture: A collaboration between you, me and the wood.

It is that relationship with the wood that informs each new piece I design; a merging of local hardwoods and gorgeous exotics from around the world, designed to be functional and inspirational, evolving with years of craftsmanship and experience. Each of my designs incorporates extensive consideration of how you will interact with the final product: A collaboration between you, me, the wood and our combined imagination.

“Extraordinary furniture is a synthesis of nature’s creation and human design.”

During my earlier years as an antique furniture restorer and, later, as a designer and craftsman, I have been influenced by many fine pieces that span the furniture spectrum. But I hold a particular place in my heart for the unique legacy left by the Cotswold Craftsmen of the English Arts and Crafts Movement. They believed that working with the hands nurtures the human spirit, and I hope that this philosophy is evident in my work too.

It is my goal that every piece of furniture I create will provide a lifetime of pleasure and use for you and those loved ones who give it a new home in future generations.

I look forward to working with you...

~ John