Chamfer bed
Chamfer bed
Cherry chamfer bed. Queen size.
Cherry chamfer bed. Queen size.Detail showing chip carving on headboard.Detail showing draw-knife chamfers.Detail showing chip carving on headboard.

The Chamfer Bed is influenced by the Cotswold Craftsmen of the English Arts and Crafts Movement. They were designing furniture to mimic simple rustic tools and agricultural implements in use at that time. The chamfer, which was cut straight from the draw-knife, was used to soften and lighten everyday wooden items. The chip-carved detail is achieved using a gouge and mallet and adds a light decorative detail.

The bed price does not include the chip-carved detail, which can be added for $500 per line. A total of 3 lines are possible: Front of headboard, front and back of footboard.

Chamfer Bed

Dimensions: Headboard 41"H


Primary Wood

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