Farmhouse Sideboard
Sideboard - Farmhouse Design with exotic details
Monday, January 27, 2014

'Tis The Season For Sideboards!

There seems to be a trend occurring in my furniture studio this year - sideboards!! I have made 4 sideboards in the past few months and have more orders on the way. My Farmhouse Sideboard, Gloucester Sideboard and Pinnacle Sideboard are being ordered with exotic drawer fronts, door panels, pulls, pegs and inlaid stringing. It is such a pleasure for me to create each piece to suit the individual styles and needs of my clients. These are all versatile designs with clean, crisp lines that allow the exotic woods to stand out, creating one of a kind pieces of custom furniture that fit in to many different settings and environments. I am particularly proud of the handmade Farmhouse sideboard I made for our dear friends, Kate and Drew, in Westfield, New Jersey. I was so thrilled to be told that the sideboard was "beyond beautiful" when they saw the first photograph of the completed piece.

Hand Cut Dovetail
Sideboard with hand cut dovetail
Exotic woods on sideboard
Sideboard with Exotic Woods
Pinnacle Sideboard
Sideboard in Pickwell Design