Desk Boosters
Monday, April 8, 2019

Desk Boosters Take Off To Their Final Destination

This was a first! I was contacted by a science fiction author, Craig Alanson, of the best selling Expeditionary Force series (for all you sci-fi junkies out there) to make him 2 desk "boosters". We decided on mini versions of my Pickwell Dining table that he will place on top of his desks, enabling him to write while standing. When not in use, they can double as benches or occasional tables.

He ordered two, so he could have one in each of his houses. I used woods that would mirror his surroundings - temperate, local Walnut and Curly Maple for his Vermont home, and tropical Sapele and Wenge for his Florida home. I enjoy unique projects like this one, so let's talk about your furniture needs and how to fulfill them.

Close Up Of The Curly Maple Detail
The Desk Boosters Big Sister - Pickwell Dining Table