Sapperton Chest of Drawers
Chest of Drawers, Sapperton Line
Friday, June 6, 2014

Custom Chest of Drawers for a Playwright

There are many aspects to the creation of custom furniture that fill me with gratitude: designing furniture that is beautiful and functional, working through the complexities of executing those designs, bringing out the best of domestic and exotic woods, the satisfaction of working on my doorstep and being my own boss etc... But what I most appreciate are my clients. Each and every one has an incredible story to tell. I feel honored to work with them and to call many of them my friends. Recently, I finished a custom Sapperton Chest of Drawers for a playwright. He needed a tall chest with lots of drawers to hold his scripts. I love the connection that something I made from my mind and hands will be storing something he created from his mind and hands. How cool is that!