Chickens outside the shop door
Monday, September 29, 2014

Chicken Woodworkers

The other day I was working in my shop getting a set of dining chairs underway, when I heard a quiet clucking sound coming from beneath my work bench. And there, happily scratching around in the sawdust, was a chicken! She and her buddies snuck in through my barn door, which I keep open in the summer. I counted three in total, and then realized that one was roosting in my wood rack. Although I enjoy having them around, they poop all over the place so I have to shoo them outside. They've become very determined - they run away from me out the door, scoot off in multiple directions, and run right back in again! This is becoming a daily comedy of errors! I think I will miss my feathery friends once the weather gets cold and I have to shut my barn doors for the Winter.

Going up the stairs!
Hiding in the wood rack