Waterfall niters accentuate this clean design
Monday, April 28, 2014

Simple Does Not Mean Easy In Handmade Furniture

"It's a very simple design, John." Whenever I hear those words from my client, I know my skills are about to be tested - which I love - because simple does not necessarily mean easy when dealing with hand made furniture. I have made many pieces for her: Trestle Table and Pinnacle Chairs, along with a large coffee table, side table, and banquette of her design. Now she handed me drawings for 2 stunning side tables with clean, crisp lines, allowing the wood to speak for itself. I found the most interesting challenge to be the waterfall miters which allow the beautiful grain of the wood to seamlessly "flow" off the edges, down the front, back and sides of the rails and legs, creating a perfect union between the design and the wood. It is my pleasure to work with talented designers who trust my skills to bring to life their artistic visions.