Vermont Made Custom Walnut Dining Table
Handcrafted Walnut Dining Table with Curly Maple Detail
Friday, November 21, 2014


As I mentioned in my last Newsletter, I have been working with a gentleman in California who had never seen any of my pieces of handmade furniture in person, but had only seen images on my website. I was honored that he trusted my craftsmanship and design abilities enough to order my Pickwell Table sight unseen. I was determined, as I am with all of my clients, that my table exceed his expectations. This is a quote from an email I received after delivery of his Walnut dining table: "Honestly, the pictures really don’t do your work justice. All I can say is that looking at your table actually left me speechless…. which is rare. Thank you so much for doing such an unbelievable job on it!" Obviously, I am chuffed! (An English expression meaning really pleased.)

Locally sourced Vermont walnut boards for handcrafted dining table
Raw Walnut Boards For Handmade Dining Table
Custom Walnut Table Top
Table Top in Process
Vermont Made Handcrafted Walnut Dining Table with Maple Detail
Curly Maple Detail on Walnut Dining Table