O'Brien family with new table.
Happy O'Brien family
Monday, October 28, 2013

Defiance Boards - Final Resting Place in the O'Brien's Kitchen - Part 3

The O'Brien's have finally received their table. The wood used is steeped in history - from contraband hidden in the late 1700's, to bathroom floor boards, and ultimately in to a beautiful dining table. It has been quite a journey! It took many hours to plan the board layout, create the rustic look that Sean and Nicole wanted, and bring out the beauty and lustre of the wood. They desired a table that looked as though it had always been a part of their home and I believe their smiles show we did just that! Finn and Kiera are already arguing over who will inherit the table! So far, it seems there will have to be some sort of shared custody...

Final sanding of the top
The final sanding of the table top
Farmhouse Table base for defiance board top
Cherry Farmhouse Table base with pegged mortice and tenons
John is finished!
Table is finished and ready to be delivered
Raw floor boards clamped and glued.
Raw floor boards being cleaned after the clamping process.
Monday, October 7, 2013

Defiance Boards - From Bathroom Floor to Gorgeous Table - Part 2

A few weeks ago, I began the story of my neighbors' "defiance boards" going from the floor of their upstairs bathroom, to a beautiful dining table. This is the next installment:

Once the boards were tenoned, glued and clamped, they sat overnight to dry and set. The next day, I removed the clamps and sanded the top surface to remove the old dirt and floor wax that had accumulated over hundreds of years. This revealed the mellow nature of the beautiful old pine wood that had been hidden for so long.

The under side of the top was lightly sanded, but the old dry surface was left mostly undisturbed.

The top was then cut to size. This table will have bread-board ends because the usable wood did not provide enough length for the final dimesnsions my clients needed. The bread-board ends are an attractive addition to the overall design, plus they solve the length problem!

Stay tuned for part 3 in 2 weeks time.

The under side of the boards while in clamps.
The top is now sanded and mortises are prepared for the bread-board ends