Vermont furniture maker, master craftsman John Lomas' new workshop sign
New Sign For Vermont's John Lomas Custom Furniture
Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Sign Is Up

Stop by and see what I’m making.

Next time you’re driving around Chittenden County and have a free afternoon, or you’re looking for a unique field trip, visit my completed workshop. The new John Lomas Custom Furniture sign is up!

My logo is by Sally Stetson Design in Stowe, Vermont, and my wife, Laura, helped with the design of the post. Now passing traffic will know what is going on in the blue barn by the side of the road! Just make sure you check in with my canine receptionist and VP of Employee Morale, Peanut...if she’s awake!

John Lomas Custom Furniture_Vermonts Finest Furniture_Local Sourced Wood_Curly Cherry Desk
John Lomas Custom Furniture-sustainable practices using locally sourced wood from Tommy Lathrop's Maple Supply
Monday, November 5, 2012

Locally Sourced Lumber-Exclusively Vermont Wood Products

There is a growing chorus of individuals and companies striving to buy local products. I’m pleased to be making a contribution by buying lumber for my custom furniture projects from Tommy Lathrop Maple Supply of Bristol, Vermont, also known as Exclusively Vermont Wood Products. Tommy cuts, saws and dries his own lumber, logged from forested land around the Bristol and Starksboro area. He takes great pride in the careful management of his forest that has been in his family for generations. His logging practices ensure that the forest remains a healthy habitat for the local flora and fauna, and an active resource long into the future. His sustainably harvested lumber can be seen in most of my handmade furniture.