One of the best Vermont furniture makers creates custom designs for you

Purchase a custom made piece from John, an independent Vermont Craftsman

The creation of a custom piece of furniture, made exactly to your specifications, is rewarding and surprisingly straightforward. In many cases, you’ve already identified a piece that has the look you like, but does not quite fit the purpose you have in mind. In other cases, you need a totally unique piece that can only be designed by John Lomas Custom Furniture.

This simple and straightforward design process makes it easy to create and purchase just the piece you’re looking for. Throughout the creation process John works closely with you to ensure all steps, questions and considerations are met, to create a piece that is inspiring, functional and will provide years of pleasure and usefulness.

How do I start? Click here to begin with our Custom Design questions offering ideas and suggestions to guide you in your design thinking. After that, fill out our quick inquiry form (click here), send an email or call John directly at (802) 747-8564 to begin your custom project. We do request a $100 custom design deposit, and will later apply this to your final order.

Below is the JLCF 5 step design process, John works closely with you every step of the way.

Here’s what you can expect once you contact us.

  1. Initial needs assessment and design consultation.
  2. John produces and provides CAD drawings for your review.
  3. Design consultation and revisions if necessary.
  4. Final review, project approval.
  5. Creation of your unique piece in our Vermont workshop.

Lead times are normally 8 to 12 weeks, but will be confirmed at the time of order.